UNIC will take part in #CyRuFest! Choose your activity!
Saturday, 2nd of June

1. Human Biology workshop "Your genes in a bottle: see your DNA" (15:00-17:00). Isolate your DNA from saliva using simple household ingredients!

2. Pharmacy workshop "Moisturizing lipbalm preparation" (17:00-19:00).

3. Nutrition and Dietetics workshop "Nutrition for strong body and health" (19:00-20:30).

4. "Solar Energy Conversion" (15:00-20:30) presentation will demonstrate renewable energy utilization by converting the low 12V DC (direct current) from a solar panel size 120cm * 60cm via an inverter (electronic circuit) to domestic supply 240V AC to operate a usual kitchen device.

5. "Control of Electric Motor" (15:00-20:30) presentation will show you a simple control system regulating the speed of an electric motor.

On Sunday, 3rd of June, you will be able to visit "Solar Energy Conversion" & "Control of Electric Motor" presentations again from 11:00 until 21:00!

See you at XIII Cyprus-Russian Festival on 2-3 of June in Limassol!
Cossack ensemble "Ludi Volnye"
We are waiting for a spectacular show from the ensemble "Ludi Volnye" during #CyRuFest! Traditional and author's Cossack songs and incendiary dances, fascinating flanking with checkers, fun contests and unforgettable interactive with the audience.

The decoration of the festival will be a live performance and playing traditional instruments such as the accordion, balalaika, guitar, flute, domra, zurna and drum.

2nd of June 2, 17:00-17:30, Small stage

Shooting competition will take place during XIII Cyprus-Russian Festival
On 2nd & 3rd of June 2018, from 16:00 to 21:00, #CyRuFest will host compettons in the category
"DYNAMIC SHOOTING" from CEO SniperGold The Shootng Athletes Club Of Limassol.

The task of each shooter is to show the best result. Compettons will be held on a specially equipped
territory, the shooters will have to hit metal targets at a short distance. The winner will be determined
by the largest number of downed targets in the least amount of time.

Choose your opton to partcipate in the tournament in two categories: boys and girls under 16, as well
as men and women over 16 All interested persons can apply by phone 99 201 301, by mail, Fb: SniperGold.

Winners and awardees of compettons as always will receive valuable prizes from organizers!
Registraton fee for one partcipant: 15 euros. The cost of re-partcipaton: 10 euros.

First time ever we organize food court for all guests of the #CyRuFest!
In our improvised outdoor cafe, you will try food from various restaurants, smoke a hookah and listen to the tracks of DJs of the Russian Wave Radio and Energy Cyprus , who will play on a specially constructed stage.

Kings of German sausages and beer BEER & BEER - Hofbräu München, cooks from Galette Artisan Bakery, HookahPlace Limassoland producers of Italian wines Alla Spina Quality Italian Wines & Prosecco have already announced their desire to please all the guests of the Cyprus-Russian festival in the first weekend of summer ;)

The Coop Band
"The Coop Band" was formed in 2010.The band consists of employees and friends of the Limassol Cooperative Cyprus Society.

The band's repertoire includes classic rock songs performed and orchestrated with a unique twist.

KINGS of the Festival
We are happy to announce the true KINGS of pop, dance and RNB music at Cyprus-Russian Festival!

Meet the Greek band KINGS on Sunday, June, 3 at the main stage of Limassol Municipal Gardens.
Minus One rock band at the Cyprus-Russian Festival
Meet the famous rock band during #CyRuFest - first weekend of #Summer2018! See you 2nd of June, 8:30 pm, main stage

When in November 2014 Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation asked Minus One to participate to Eurovision, the band realized that the popularity of the name Minus One in #Cyprus was higher than that of Marianne's Wish, and decided to participate as Minus One and to continue to perform with this name.

In the same period, George Solonos, one of the founders of Marianne's Wish and Minus One, decided to leave the band to pursue his solo career, and his role as guitarist was taken by Harrys Pari. Singer Francois Micheletto left in 2017, and Andreas Kapatais came back.

The members of the band are: Andreas Kapatais, frontman; Chris J, drummer; Constantinos Amerikanos, guitarist; Max-O-Matic, bassist; Harrys Pari, guitarist. Come and see them hit the main stage at #CyRuFest!
Cyprus, it is time to join us!
#Cyprus, it is time to #join us! #Summer2018 is coming and our team is working hard to make the 13th Cyprus-Russian Festival the best ever #event to visit during the first summer #weekend in #Limassol.

Do you want to take part in one of the biggest festivals in #Europe? Join us as a participant with your own stand or as an artist during the concert program! More than 10,000 visitors of #CyRuFest are waiting to meet you!

For more info, please contact Marina Michaelidou, our team leader, on e-mail

Contact us
14 Byron Str., 3105 Limassol
Tel. 25 590530, fax 25 584920

Project Manager Marina Michaelidou
☎ 99 449557, 25 590530

Sponsorship and exhibiting: Sean Alimov
☎ +357 97 754126
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