• 15 years
    of constant development
  • 2 days
    of performances, traditions and fun
  • 10-14 events
    in the course of the Festival
  • 3 concert stages
    working simultaneously
  • over 1,300
    professional and amateur singers
    and dancers from both countries
  • over 12,000
    visitors per year

Watch this video to feel the spirit of the Festival

Main activities of the Festival

Назад к списку мероприятий
The Festival is organised under Auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus
Vestnik Kipra Newspaper
Russian Embassy in Cyprus
Limassol Municipality

Highlights of Cyprus-Russian Festival 2019

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Participants of VESTNIK KIPRA GROUP events accept that the organisers arrange photo shooting and video recording. Participants authorise the organisers to use their and their minors' images (photographs and videos) for publicity and public relation purposes, without charge.