Louis Patsalides & LNS Band
Louis Patsalides is the most famous stand up comedian on the island. He has been performing live for more than a decade. He has his own TV show for the past 5 years. Louis night show, which he hosts, is the most popular TV show in Cyprus the last 3 years. Recently, he has expanded and started performing in Greece as well.

LNS Band is the house band of the Louis Night Show, the most popular tv show in Cyprus. The band performs, apart from the TV, at big events as well, playing greek and international pop rock hits. This year it became a theme band, playing super hits only from the 80's and 90's. The band is consisted by:
Tefkros Neocleous: Vocals/ guitar
George Kleanthous: Keyboard
Eliana Pavlou: Bass/vocals
Leonidas Pitziolis: Drums
Saturday, June 1 from 15.00 until 22.00
Art Bazaar for the lovers of one-of-a-kind items
This year, for the first time, during the Cyprus-Russian Festival there will be an exhibition and sale of handicrafts. If you are fond of one-of-a-kind items, then you should definitely stop by the Municipal Park of Limassol on Saturday, June 1, find a shady alley near the Central Square and tennis court and carefully consider all the craftworks.

At the Art Bazaar you can see and buy jewellery, accessories, interior items, clothes, toys, embroidery, souvenirs, sweets and much more. Such exhibitions are always a unique experience. Every craftsman has an opportunity to showcase their handmade masterpieces, while the guests have the opportunity to purchase something that is made with love and care and is one-of-a kind.
Scientific Workshops by UNIC
01/06/2019, 16:00-18:00
Your genes in a bottle: See your DNA!
See your own DNA! Get a necklace with your genes! We will talk about DNA, the molecule that stores all the information that makes us people and not bananas. Come and find out how brown eyes and blonde hair are inherited, as well as the various genetic diseases. Come to know what the chromosome, the gene, and how they affect our lives!
You will have the opportunity to isolate your own DNA from cells on your cheeks, you will get to see your own DNA with the naked eye!

Nutrition for a strong body and health
Determination of weight and body composition.

02/06/2019, 11.00-14.00
Interactive and Creative Technologies at UNIC
This workshop will provide mini tutorials on the use of the Unity3D game engine to create interactive applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality in art and science. Demos will include hand and finger tracking for interacting with realistic and abstract virtual objects. Demonstrations will include both gaming workstation as well as mobile technology-based (Android) device applications.

02/06/2019, 16.00-18.00
A drawing workshop for the public that aims to explore concepts applicable to the production, operation, use and evolution of human habitats into the future. The participants will be inspired to create a series of intuitive sketches and diagrams responding to vital questions concerning the house of the future.
Saturday, June 1 from 15.00 until 23.00, Sunday, June 2 from 09.00 until 22.00.

Venue: the Food Court of the Cyprus-Russian Festival in the Municipal Park of Limassol
International cuisine at the Cyprus-Russian Festival
Where one can taste the best fast food in Cyprus? Of course, on June 1 and 2 at the food court of the Cyprus-Russian Festival.

There you will see the regular participants of the Traktir Taras Bulba festival, with its signature kebabs and homemade products, as well as many new restaurants that will help to create a festive mood.

This year as part of the Festival we are trying international cuisine. So, in addition to Cypriot and Russian cuisine, as well as our favourite Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Armenian dishes, this year at the Cyprus-Russian Festival we will offer dishes of German, Indian, Mexican and Asian cuisine.

There are plenty of choices: juicy sausages from the heart of Bavaria from Biergarten restaurant, delicious Chiburekki (meat pastry) and salads from Gyrosfera tavern, specialties of Momo, Asian Street Food, Top Dog, Harry's Kitchen, Τρεις & ο Κουκος, Food Track restaurants.
June 1 and 2 from 16.00 until 20.00
Venue: Kids' World Playground
Your child loves robots? Interested in technology?
We invite you to visit the Kids' World, the family site of the Cyprus-Russian Festival! There the Gecko Club will organize a unique intellectual space for children of different ages. Children will build models out of plywood and cardboard, make gliders, print personalized bracelet charms on a 3D printer, carry out scientific experiments, arrange robot races, as well as compete in rubber band shooting accuracy.

Everyone will be able to try their luck in the lottery and win a few gift certificates for lessons at Gecko Club!
June 1 at 17.00, Central Square, Municipal Park of Limassol
Everyone is able to dance!
After hearing the word "Zumba", immediately there seems to be associations with incendiary Latin American dances, like Rumba, Samba, Cha-cha-cha.

Energetic movements to the beat of rhythmic music not only do not tire, but quite the contrary they charge with energy and positive emotions.

We invite you to join this dance movement and take part in the flash mob organized by Cypriot Zumba instructors on June 1.

Incendiary dance training based on Latin rhythms will help you not only to get in great shape, but also to revive yourself with an extraordinary positive emotions.
Near the main stage from 6.p.m up to 9 p.m.
Master classes by Cyprus Team of Modern Sword Fighting and Historical Fencing
For the first time, Cyprus Team of Modern Sword Fighting and Historical Fencing makes Master classes at Cyprus-Russian Festival. All the visitors that are 10+ years old can participate.

You can learn basic elements of historical fencing, how to protect yourself with the sword and shield, and test yourself in a sparring. If you ever imagined yourself as a knight or Russian bogatyr, Jedi or Viking, samurai or fantasy hero you will have a lot of pleasure.
Saturday, June 1 from 20.30 until 23.00
Location: Small Stage of the Municipal Park of Limassol.
You love karaoke? Then join us!
If you are life and soul of the party, any visit to a karaoke bar makes you the star of the evening and if you can't imagine life without singing ... then you definitely need to participate in the karaoke night, which will be held on June 1 on the Small Stage of the Cyprus-Russian Festival in the Municipal Park of Limassol.

Warm atmosphere, storm of emotions and, of course, performances of future stars are waiting for participants, spectators and karaoke lovers! The whole evening you will be accompanied by the most important karaoke host of the island. The whole evening will be hosted by Albert Semichev, the most important karaoke host of the island.
June 2 from 17.00 until 23.00
Venue: Small Stage, Municipal Park of Limassol
Songs night dedicated to the rock band Bi-2, performed by singer Yan Dzhamilovich
Serebro [Silver], Polkovniku nikto ne pishet [No one is writing to the colonel], Moy Rock-n-Roll [My Rock and Roll]… We believe the words of these songs are familiar to everyone.

As part of the Cyprus-Russian Festival, there will be songs night dedicated to the rock band Bi-2, performed by singer Yan Dzhamilovich, the creator of popular Russian home concerts in Cyprus. Yan will perform all the iconic songs of the legendary band.
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